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Time Warner Cable – We do not only have TWC’s routine cable modem support. We’ve got something called “Business Class” service, which can be assumed to function as well, business-class (that we interpret as “dependable and strong enough to conduct your business.”)

We are unsure what businesses Time Warner thinks Business Class Internet service is dependable enough to operate–perhaps a monopoly-protected business like the cable business–but it is certainly not great enough to conduct our business.

And it is not like we have not attempted to awake Time Warner Cable into the issues.

Each time that our Internet service goes down or slows to a crawl, which generally happens often during the day we call Time Warner Cable. Sometimes the individual on the opposite end of this line says they cannot help–and provides us the following number to phone. Normally, the individual on the opposite end of this line, then pings the modem and tells us everything is fine. (And from that time, following the wait on hold, it has frequently been fine) But soon after we hang up, the ceremony flakes outside again.

He tells us that the issue may be our difficulty. (We have looked into this, but our people have not managed to find anything incorrect)

Our finest brains–ours, not theirs–conclude that perhaps the issue is that cable-based Internet access only basically stinks because additional folks in our area start watching a great deal of videos, then they will slow our community to a crawl, also. And that might be what is happening. However, if so, we do not see how Time Warner Cable can potentially sell that which we have as “Business Class” service. As it is not like we are running a cable company here.

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